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A Customer Story of Blanket Comfort

Posted on September 09, 2016 by Beth LaSala

As one of ChappyWrap's very first customers in 2006, Aislynn Rodeghiero and her dogs have been ChappyWrap fans for years. We have admired Aislynn's exceptional work for just as long...

chappywrap blankste

Aislynn wears many hats.

In 2003, Aislynn created a non-profit organization, Abundant Table, inc. which serves free hot meals to individuals and families in need residing in the greater Boston suburbs. Celebrating it's 10th anniversary in November, Abundant Table currently serves over 400 meals a week. 

In 2009, Aislynn began her private clinical social work practice, Aislynn Rodeghiero, Inc. working with children struggling with grief -most recently working with the children affected by the tragic Newtown, CT shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing.

We all struggle with what to do for those who are devastated by tragedy. Aislynn reached out to us just before going to Newtown to help the families. She did not want to arrive empty handed and was searching for something she could take to each family. We welcomed the opportunity to get involved and hoped that the ChappyWraps would provide a little comfort for the familes.

"Monica and Beth were so kind to donate 20 ChappyWraps to the 20 families who lost children in the school massacre. The wraps were handpicked for each individual family and corresponded beautifully with the specific interest and passion of each child. The wraps were so warmly and lovingly received and appreciated.The generosity of ChappyWrap is truly limitless."

Aislynn specializes in child grief, serving children whose parents are going through a divorce and those suffering with depression and anxiety. Aislynn and her team partner and collabaorate with public and private schools, community affiliates and all Massachusetts courts. They endeavor to offer clients the highest level of support and care.

Recently, Aislynn became a Certified Life Coach working with many high profile Boston-based athletes and business professionals stuck at personal crossroads. She helps teens and adults, guiding them through life's many challenges, namely major life changes like professional redirection, college placement, life decisions and conflict resolution, in an effort to help individuals who are eager to personally better themselves or internally "start over". 

"My work is emotionally taxing and stressful, but rewarding at the same time. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities for personal growth and ah hah moments. I learn something new from my clients every day, and truly enjoy what i do."

Aislynn is avaibale to her clients 24/7. Relationship building is key to Aislynn's philosophy. She says that understanding and truly buying into the fact that Aislynn and her team "have your back" is central to their humanistic mission and is one of the many things that sets them apart from other more mainstream therapeutic offerings. 

Aislynn graduated from Boston College in 2003, earned a Masters in Education in 2004 and completed a Masters in Social Work from Boston University in 2008. She played basketball at Boston College and has three yellow dogs (see below) who she says she "loves with all my heart! :)"

aislynn and dogs

Aislynn and dog


dogs and chappywraps










dog and chappywrap 


Thank you for your kind words and your healing work.