All Blankets Are Not Created Equal - ChappyWrap Perfection

by Beth LaSala

What Makes ChappyWraps the Best Blankets


There are blankets, and then there are Chappywraps.  Chappywraps are in their own league and for good reason. A ChappyWrap isn’t just another throw in the multitude of blankets; it is the embodiment of an inspired woman’s cherished childhood memory. What’s all the fuss about Chappywraps?

Best Blankets are Chappy Wraps 

Let’s look at some of the top reasons why Chappywraps have become a sort of Holy Grail in stores across the country. I’ll admit that I am comfortably wrapped in one as I type away. Oh, ChappyWrap; mine is warm, calming, and luxuriously soft. There is nothing better and nothing that compares with the luxurious feel of cotton.


The Inspiration Behind ChappyWrap Blankets

 Inspiration Behind ChappyWrap Blankets

The story behind ChappyWrap is as unique as the blanket itself. It all started with Beth LaSala’s cherished childhood blanket. As the blanket, symbolizing loving memories, became worn, Beth reached out to her designer friend Monica to brainstorm a way to produce more of these perfect blankets. Combining friendship with the ability to manufacture a product that will inspire and influence the lives of others, they developed ChappyWrap blankets.


Variety of Comfortable Blankets


ChappyWraps come in a broad variety of upbeat colors, daring patterns, and sassy styles. With all of these options, there is most certainly a ChappyWrap pattern for everyone you know.


Experience Cotton like Never Before


When it comes to their use of cotton fabric, Chappywraps trump all other blankets.  Expert craftsmen leverage their longstanding experience and utilize only the finest materials to produce the world’s best blankets. ChappyWraps also use a signature cotton blend jacquard weave that is durable enough to last a lifetime. Say hello to the lasting plush fabric with 60% cotton, and you can surely say goodbye to shrinkage and  pilling because these quality blankets contain 7% polyester and 33% acrylic to prevent these annoyances.


Cozy Size Blankets


The best Cozy BlanetsUnlike average blankets, ChappyWraps are superior to all other blankets on the market. These huggable cotton blends are large enough to act as a generous throws or as a bed blanket. For couples, Chappywraps are truly a slice of heaven as they can comfortably cover two people.


Animal Print Blankets


For animal lovers, ChappyWraps will always delight. They present eye-catching animal designs that include sheep, elephants, bears, dogs, cats, and moose.  Picnics and ChappyWraps - a marriage made in heaven


Best Blankets on the MarketIf cozy, calming picnics tickle your fancy; then you’ll love ChappyWraps. Unlike other blankets or throws, they are just right for summer and spring picnics. The “Reach for the Stars Blue” design projects an ambiance of romance that is perfect for a couple’s romantic picnic under the sky. The ChappyWrap blanket collections include many other upbeat patterns that are not only perfect for picnics but a great way to cuddle up on a boat when you’re spending a day out on the water or for simply curling up on the couch.

ChappyWraps, are superior to your average blanket! With awesome designs, huggable cotton blend, three sizes, and many other fantastic features, Chappywraps have become a must-have for everyone.

Beth LaSala
Beth LaSala