Are COTTON Blankets Better Than Polar Fleece or Wool Blankets

by Beth LaSala

What's so special about the one blanket that everyone grabs for to snuggle on the couch? Put a plush cotton blanket, a polyester or acrylic fleece blanket, and a wool blanket side by side, and you'll have the answer. The feel of the cotton fibers makes all the difference; warm, soft and cozy, not thin, stiff and scratchy. Polar fleece, a synthetic fiber made from polyester or acrylic, is lightweight and has a tendency to generate static electricity and to attract/trap pet hair and lint. Polar fleece has the advantage of being cheaper, but cheaper is not always better. Wool is a natural fiber and is very warm and durable but is often stiff and scatchy. The need for dry cleaning and shrinkage are some other negative qualities of wool blankets.

Blankets made with cotton feel great!

Most people agree that high quality plush cotton blankets and throws feel soft and cozy. They are a comfortable weight and are versatile in color and design.Cotton fibers also breath, unlike synthetic fibers.  These winning features make cotton blankets the most popular blankets for virtually all uses.  But, wash a 100% cotton blanket once and you'll get matting, puckering and pilling, and that soft fluffy feel is gone.

ChappyWrap blankets are the best cotton blankets!

Combine the softness and coziness of cotton with the durability and washability of acrylic, and you have the perfect solution.  ChappyWraps are cotton blend blankets made of 60% cotton, 33% acrylic and 7% polyester. The cotton fibers are on the outside, next to your skin, and the acrylic and polyester yarns are in the fill.  The unique blend of fibers prevents shrinkage and pilling while maintaining a huggably soft blanket. These winning features plus their quality and their durability turn ChappyWraps into keepsakes that will be passed from generation to generation....everyday blankets for life! 

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-Monica and Beth

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Beth LaSala
Beth LaSala