Blanket Buying Guide 2015

by Beth LaSala

Just imagine the huge number of Blankets in the World. What is it that makes certain blankets Special Blankets? Whether you are buying blankets for yourself or are looking for Blanket Gifts, what criteria shoud you use to determine which blankets are extraordinary? Blankets are large pieces of fabric used for warmth BUT when it comes to blankets, they are not all created equal.




  • Quality Matters -The manufacturing process and the materials used affect the quality of the finished product. Cotton blend material holds up well when washed repeatedly for excellent durability. Cotton weave creates insulation for body heat while allowing air to circulate for the perfect amount of warmth. Cotton, a natural fiber, eliminates the common problems that occur with synthetic fibers (fleece, polyester, microfiber and acrylic) like static, pilling, and the tendency to trap hairs and dust.
  • Blanket Size Matters -Not too big, not too small. Big enough to cover you head to toe, but managable enough to take with you everywhere you go. 60" x 80" is the perfect size. Big enough for two! Big enough to use on a bed!
  • Machine Washable -Some blankets are dry clean only and some blankets change their texture when washed. Cotton blend blankets stay soft and fluffly when washed repeatedly without pilling or shrinking.
  • Wicking -Blankets made from natural fibers like cotton, wick moisture away from your body to keep you warm, cozy and dry without causing you to overheat.
  • Blankets vs. Throws -While many blankets are hidden under your comforter, throws are meant to be seen! Throw blankets have Home Decoratingfeatures. The perfect blanket can accomplish many things: providing great comfort, keeping people warm, changing the look of a room with a splash of color or a personal theme. Brighten up your surroundings or tone them down. Sports, Nautical, Animals, Flowers, Stars, Tartan Plaids, Classic Fair Isle and more...see all designs here

How can you find the BEST Blankets? You may be looking for something soft and warm or you may be looking for a blanket that is more than just a piece of fabric. Is there one Perfect Blanket? Too small is not good, too scratchy never works. The perfect blanket provides comfort but also makes a statement about your interests, and the things you LOVE. Quality Material Matters and Size Matters. There is nothing better than curling up with the perfect banket to read or watch TV on a chilly night. Happiness is a warm, cozy blanket. You're going to love how ChappyWrap Blankets make you feel. Comfort yourself, comfort the ones you LOVE...


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Beth LaSala
Beth LaSala