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Blankets as a Wedding Gifts | Blankets | Wedding Gifts - ChappyWrap

Posted on August 31, 2016 by Beth LaSala

ChappyWrap Blankets Make for the Best Wedding Gifts

 Yes, ChappyWraps are warm, calming, and luxuriously soft. Yes, you can get many designs of these huggable cotton blend blankets - from animal prints and nautical motifs to outdoor themes and everything in between. But, did you know ChappyWrap blankets are the best wedding gift to give to someone you love?

Blankets as Wedding Gifts

They say there are blankets; and then there are ChappyWraps. And, they are right on the money! This cozy blanket has quickly risen to become the one item everyone adds to their wish list. Whether you are watching the sunset on a lovely autumn evening, tailgating, or just snuggling in the living room, a ChappyWrap blanket is a must-have.


What is a ChappyWrap Blanket?

Blankets Make for the Best Wedding Gifts

A ChappyWrap is more than a blanket. In essence, it’s a masterpiece that was born out of an effort to recreate a childhood blanket. In fact, that is where the concept of these excellent comforting items began. With the help of her designer friend Monica Shelton Reusch, Beth Haller was able to create extraordinary blankets that make exceptional wedding gifts.


Perfect Blanket for a Honeymoon Picnic

wedding gifts and blanketsThe couple will fall in love with their ChappyWrap because they are the world’s best blankets. With a variety of designs that are perfect for romantic picnics under the stars, the newlyweds will have the time of their life. To add a little flair and sass to their lives, you can gift them a ChappyWrap blanket that is ideal for all excursions like a day on the beach or an outdoor concert. They will enjoy some time in the park, a day out at sea, and snuggling on the couch with a ChappyWrap. They are perfect in every way.


Expertly Crafted Blankets

The expert craftsmen at ChappyWrap have combined their longstanding experience to construct the most perfect signature cotton rich jacquard weave along with other fine materials to ensure a blissful body wrap. They blend 60% cotton for extra fluffiness, and 7% polyester, and 33% acrylic to avoid pilling and shrinkage. The final product is quite a sight.


The Right Size Blanket


Unlike your average blankets, ChappyWraps are far superior. These huggable cotton blends are large enough to act as a generous throw or as a bed blanket. For the newlyweds, Chappywraps are truly a slice of heaven as they can comfortably cover two people.


A Variety of Designer Blankets

ChappyWraps come in 45 distinct designs that are scintillating. These include upbeat colors, patterns, and a range of other styles and designs made to fit every personality and every decor. With such an extensive collection, you won’t miss out on finding one that will be a perfect gift for the couple. ChappyWraps are the best blankets and a must-have for the newlyweds.

ChappyWrap designs are upbeat and fun with vibrant colors and patterns. You can choose from sport-themed blankets and nautical patterns to animal prints and outdoor themes. There’s a perfect ChappyWrap for every big occasion. The bride and groom will absolutely love them! You can never go wrong with a ChappyWrap wedding gift.