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Choosing The Best Blanket - ChappyWraps Guide On How To Pick The Best Blanket

September 22, 2017

Choosing The Best Blanket - ChappyWraps Guide On How To Pick The Best Blanket

Top 10 Qualities To Look For When Choosing a Blanket or Throw

Here a ChappyWrap, we're all about blankets. That's all we talk about and all we do. Many people have the same question. How do I choose the best blanket? This question is close to the one that Monica Shelton Reusch and Beth LaSala had when ChappyWrap was first started.

What are the qualities that make the perfect blanket? We'll take you through our checklist so you can see the qualities that we hold in the highest regard. 

1) Cotton Blend - Our distinct cotton blend of natural fibers in our blankets. We chose a combination of natural cotton fibers to make our blankets. Currently, the blend is 58% cotton 35% acrylic 7% polyester. This ensures that you get a soft finish that will never pill, fuzz or shed over time. Quality cotton blends deliver a smooth finish and lasting durability. 

2) The Weaving Process - Our blankets are jacquard woven - Jacquard weaving makes our blankets reversible and extremely durable. The craftsmanship behind each product is unbeatable. When you're picking out a blanket, make sure you choose one with a quality weaving process because it affects the integrity of the whole blanket and the length of its life. Well made quality blankets, like ChappyWraps, should last a lifetime. 

3) Are They Reversible - All of our blankets are reversible due to the complex jacquard weaving process. It really becomes impressive when you take a look at complex designs like our Polar Bear Blanket. It also means that often times you have choices between two color patterns. 

4) Great Design - Other than warmth, designs are one of the primary reasons of what we look for in blankets. We have lots of blankets that stand out. Our Sailboat Blankets and our Anchor Blankets are customer favorites because of their bright and charming designs. We have many customers that love our beige blankets and plaid blankets, simply because they fit in with every decor. So, whether you want a polka dot blanket or a beige blanket - the choice is yours!

5) Machine Washable & Dryable - Making sure your blanket is machine washable and dryable is important to the lifespan of the blanket. Blankets are used for so many occasions. From watching your favorite sports team outside on a chilly fall day. Or curling up on the couch eating popcorn and watching your favorite movie. Both of these activities can get your favorite blanket dirty and if your blanket is not machine washable or pills and sheds after it comes out of the wash, there's a higher likelihood that you'll care for your blanket improperly because it's difficult and this can shorten the lifespan of your blanket or throw. 

6) Do They Pill, Fuzz or Shed - It shouldn't be normal for blankets to shed, pill or fuzz after being washed and dried. Every time your blanket sheds the integrity of the fiber is damaged and the blanket often dulls in appearance. We encourage shoppers to look for a blanket that is completely resistant or to pilling.  

7) Size - Who doesn't love to wrap up in an oversized blanket with a friend or loved one. The size of a blanket is important, simply for how usable it's going to be over the life of the blanket. Functionality is always first when looking for a household item like a couch throw or bed blanket. If the blanket is large or oversized, then it can always double as a bed topper.   

8) Durability Over Time - This is really a combination of a lot of other qualities. Does the blanket hold up after washing/ Does it pill or shed? Are the edges of the throw blanket well stitched to prevent unraveling or damage to the blanket? 

9) Breathability - Blankets are all about keeping you warm on chilly evenings and brisk days. The best quality about cotton blankets and cotton blend blankets is that they're breathable. ChappyWrap blankets allow for airflow throughthe  blanket. This means that a cotton fiber blanket should deliver refreshing breathability along with warmth and softness.  

10) Overall Softness - Who doesn't love a soft blanket that's plush to the touch. Softness is the most important factor in our list of top ten things to look at when you're blanket shopping. 


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