COMFORT MOMENTS by Maureen Goldman

by Beth LaSala

Maureen Goldman is a writer living in Atlanta. She writes: "I am a firm believer in the power of the 'comfort moment' for restoration of mind, body and soul.  A comfort moment is structured time when you can sit quietly surrounded by feel-good things. Our cottage-style home is full of nooks where you can curl up with a book, take a little nap, or have a cup of coffee in peace. These spots become comfort moments when you add a favorite scented candle, a soft blanket, a little vase filled with backyard flowers. Any collection of things that makes the experience feel like a slow exhale; an 'Ahh' feeling.


Every morning I sit in the window seat in our kitchen with the newspaper, a cup of coffee, and a ChappyWrap blanket resting on my lap. Sometimes my dog, Lance, hops up and sits on his own ChappyWrap "Bow Wow" Mini Blanket. I watch the sun rise and I give thanks. One of my favorite comfort moments includes taking a glass of wine, a candle, hand balm, fleecy socks and a ChappyWrap "XOXO" Blanket out on the porch so I can sit with the stars. The ChappyWrap blanket is the key to my comfort. It's finer and more plush than a fleece blanket with a softness that feels rich and velvety. Being wrapped in a ChappyWrap feels like a big, warm hug. Last night I found my son lounging on a bean bag chair wrapped to the chin in the ChappyWrap "Elephant" Blanket. He looked like he was in a cocoon.

We have ChappyWraps all over our house, and they are loved by all. My daughter, who rows on her college crew team, asked for the ChappyWrap "Crew Oars" Blanket for Christmas. My son wants one as a housewarming gift when he moves into his first apartment. The ChappyWrap "Counting Sheep" is our favorite baby gift. If you asked me for a list of the most comforting things in our home, ChappyWrap Blankets would be at the top of the list. Suffice it to say that no comfort moment in our home would be complete without a ChappyWrap Blanket."

Maureen Goldman

About Maureen
Maureen Goldman is a writer living in Atlanta with her family which includes her husband, two grown children, two dogs and a cat. She discovered ChappyWrap when she was looking for unique blankets for her former business, Catherine's Table. Her Blog "Catherine's Table" tells stories about soulful moments in time, finding your place, and leveraging the strength in a weakness. Maureen encourages a warm home atmosphere filled with comforting symbols and quiet spaces for rest and renewal.



Thank you, Maureen, for telling us about how ChappyWraps provide comfort for you and your family and how they enhance your life and well-being.  We LOVE to hear about how ChappyWraps soften the demands of everyday life. We are inspired by stories like this to keep creating more and more ChappyWraps!

Beth LaSala
Beth LaSala