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Best Non-Shedding Blanket ChappyWrap Bed Blankets and Couch Throws - Finding a Throw Blanket That Doesn't Shed

Posted on February 16, 2018 by Beth LaSala

ChappyWrap - The Best Non-Shedding Blanket 

You'll see lots of new blanket buyers start searching for things like How to stop a blanket from shedding or How to treat a shedding blanket. 

The solution is easy - don't buy a blanket that sheds in the first place. Well made blankets, like ChappyWraps, shouldn't shed, pill or fuzz. Ever. 

Best blankets that don't shed, pill or fuzz Non-shedding blankets and throws by ChappyWrap  Best non-shedding blanket by ChappyWrap Blankets that don't shed pill or fuzz

The reason why blankets and throws shed and fuzz are due to a weaving process that is too loose and the manufacturers not using quality fibers to begin with. This is what leads to your clothes, sheets and other areas of your home being covered in blanket fuzz.  

After a blanket has finished shedding, you usually have a blanket that doesn't feel as soft and has lost its original color and shine. 

ChappyWraps are not only the best blanket on the market but they are the best non-shedding blanket that money can buy. Our blankets are machine washable and dryable and will never shed pill or fuzz over time. This is due to our quality cotton blend, our complex weaving process, and the care we put into every blanket and throw.  

We use a customized natural fiber blend in our blankets and throws that contains:

We use this specific blend to make our superior throw blankets and bed toppers that will never shed or lose its integrity over time. Our natural cotton blend allows our blankets to withstand everyday use and still maintain their soft feel and superior durability. This means that ChappyWraps are the best blankets that will never pill, fuzz or shed.  

ChappyWraps will maintain their beautiful designs, soft feel, and overall integrity throughout their whole life. They make perfect bed blankets for twin beds and couch throws for the whole family to use. This means that you'll never have to use a lint roller to clean your clothes off after you use your blanket or try any of the tricks to rid it of it's shedding fibers. 

Because of our natural cotton blend and superior weaving style, our blankets make great bed toppers, couch throws, and everything in between. Check out some of our family favorites below - click on the photo to see the product.