GOOD LUCK Blanket and How to Get Good Luck

by Beth LaSala

The NEW "Good Luck" blanket (look for the 4-leaf clovers) is arriving in April.Here's a sneak peek...

good luck blanket


4 leaf clover blanket

St. Patrick's Day 
and the arrival of the NEW "Good Luck" blanket design (pre-order here) got us thinking about 

How do you get Good Luck? 

Do you believe in Good Luck?

Do you carry a Good Luck Charm?


People have been looking for (and hoping for) "Good Luck" since the Middle Ages. Initially, luck was referred to as "Good Fortune" and was thought to be the result of divine intervention or fate rather than probability or chance. Religious meaning or not, everyone agrees that "Luck" refers to events that are beyond one's control. Carl Jung called this "a meaningful coincidence". (Wikipedia)

Over the years and around the world, many symbols of "Good Luck" have evolved. Some symbols are thought to bring good fortune and some are meant to ward off evil spirits. The origins of these good luck signs can be rooted in religion, folklore, the supernatural, mythology, tradition or emotions. Here is a list of the best known symbols of "Good Luck":

  • INSECTS: crickets -household luck, ladybugs -good luck and prosperity especially if one lands on you, scarabs -protectors from evil, drangonflies -represent change

  • NATURE: rainbows -lead to a pots of gold, acorns -bring good fortune when placed on the window sill, 4-leaf clovers -bring good luck because they are rare, and they represent the Holy Trinity plus God's Grace

  • ANIMALS: elephants -longevity, rabbit's foot -fertile creatures symbolizing abundant life and swift escape when fleeing danger, pigs -wealth and prosperity, turtles -symbolize Mother Earth and a long life

  • RELIGOUS: Saint Christopher -patron saint of travelers, Buddha -rub his belly for good luck, cross -a symbol of God that deflects evil (and vampires)

  • OBJECTS: horsehoes -turned upwards bring good fortune/fertility and keep the witches away (they ride brooms and dislike horses), number 7 -the Bible says after the flood God had created the world in 7 days and created a rainbow with 7 colors, dreamcatchers -catch the negative parts of dreams, coins -"See a penny pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck. Leave it there and you'll despair" and some believe if the coin is face down, you shouldn't pick it up.

For Centuries GOOD LUCK symbols have been bringing people peace of mind even if they are based on superstitions. Crossing your fingers, not walking under ladders, making sure a black cat doesn't cross your path and being extra careful on Friday the 13th are ways to avoid bad luck. Drop a coin in a wishing well, break off the bigger piece of a wishbone, catch a glimpse of a falling star, blow out all your birthday candles, or carry a Mojo bag filled with lucky charms to get more luck!




Beth LaSala
Beth LaSala