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Keeping Warm This Winter...

Posted on September 09, 2016 by Beth LaSala

There's a chill in the air and this got us thinking about "keeping warm" this winter and what that really means. Many of us moan as the leaves fall off the trees, temperatures plummet and we put away our summer clothes. But warmth is measured in many ways. This time of year the sentiment of "warmth" is fueled by family time and comforting home cooked meals. Here are some more ideas.....

Ways to Keep Warm this Winter: 

Snuggle Up - Generate body heat and release feel-good hormones with body contact. Find a friend or pet to snuggle with and keep each other warm. Any warm blooded living thing feels like a furnace.

star blankets

Bundle Up - Wear warm boots, socks, slippers, gloves, and hats because we lose body heat from exposed skin. Make sure to layer up too! Put on some extra clothes to provide your body with an extra layer to trap in the warm air.

bundled up

Cook & Bake - Warm your oven and warm your soul with comfort foods. Raise your body heat by cooking spicy food. Ginger, specifically, boosts body temp and increases circulation (WebMD). Eat nuts and other foods high in healthy fat to regulate your body temperature (Self Magazine). Soups, stews, casseroles and roasts will warm your belly and while they're cooking the smells are warming too!




Socialize - Spending time with family and friends can make you feel physically warmer. Warm bodies provide body heat. Add laughter, good food, warm feelings and fond memories to heat up your home and to feel warm and fuzzy.


Drink Hot Drinks - Heat up with hot drinks and warm yourself from the inside out. Wrap your hands around a warm mug and sip steamy hot chocolate, tea or coffee for a relaxing, comforting feeling.

hot chocolate

Get Moving - Dance, clean the house, or exercise to get your blood pumping, boost your endorphins and increase your circulation. Better circulation sends warm blood to your fingers and toes. Catch up on the laundry because nothing warms you up like clothing just out of the dryer. Head to yoga class. The workout and the deep breathing will warm up your core.


Warm Bath - Take a hot shower or a warm bath then lather on some oil or lotion for another way to keep in the warmth. Or Bottle Your Warmth - Hot water bottles and heating pads are not just for stomach pains. Use them to warm up your bed!

cat and hot water bottle

Extra Cozy Blankets - and flannel sheets. Climb under the covers with a big, fluffy blanket. Put the blanket over your head for a minute and breathe. Your warm breath will warm you up fast.

 tartan plaid blanket

Door Draft Stoppers, Footed Pajamas, Heated Slippers, Ear Muffs, Heated Socks, Texting Gloves, Heated Computer Mouse....Do you have any more "keeping warm" ideas? Let us know!