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Our Best Beige Blankets - Customer Favorites by ChappyWrap

Posted on January 05, 2018 by Beth LaSala

The Best Beige Blankets by ChappyWrap 

What's so great about our Beige Blankets? They go with everything - Every type of decor and decorating style. They blend in with your beach home bedroom and your cozy mountain retreat. 

And! They're the best blanket to give as a gift! They offer warm comfort and refreshing breathability in subtle patterns that pair well in any bedroom or living area. We have plaid and beige blankets, herringbone beige blankets and labyrinth patterned beige blankets.  

chappywrap beige blanket - the best gift blankets and couch blankets   chappywrap beige blanket - the best beige blanket and couch blanket   ChappyWrap The Best Beige Blanket and Couch Blanket

Bed Covers and Couch Blankets are all that ChappyWrap makes. What makes ChappyWrap's Beige Blankets the best?

Our natural cotton blend offers refreshing breathability and comfortable warmth. This makes ChappyWrap Blankets and Throws the perfect blanket for any of life's special moments. While curled up on the couch reading a book after a long day of work or while snuggled up in bed and looking forward to the next day. 

ChappyWrap Beige Blanket     beige blanket and throw by chappywrap

Beige Blankets are perfect when thrown over the back of a couch as an everyday blanket or as a bed cover or end of bed throw. Our blankets measure 60" x 80" and can completely cover a twin bed. 

chappywrap blankets and throws beige blankets   beige blankets for christmas gifts by chappywrap   beige winter blankets by chappywrap blankets and throws

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