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Our Purple Lupine Blanket and Throw - ChappyWrap Product Spotlight

Posted on July 28, 2017 by McKenzi Clausen

ChappyWrap Product Spotlight - The making and inspiration of Our Purple Lupine Flower Blanket and Throw 

At ChappyWrap, we pour our heart and soul into every product from the design process to the finished product. We want every detail reflected in the jacquard woven pattern and for our blankets and throws to stand out as the most beautiful piece of decor in your home. 

We wanted to add a bright and cheerful blanket to the ChappyWrap Blanket collection. So we took inspiration from spring wildflowers and found the beautiful and vibrant Lupine. 

Lupines are a perennial wildflower, often found in cool, moist climates. They love to grow on the sea coast where the soil is rich and sandy and in the mountains where the weather is moderate.

Purple lupine flower blanket and throw by chappywrap blankets and throws   Purple Lupine Flower Blanket and Throw By ChappyWrap   Purple Lupine Flower Blanket and Throw By ChappyWrap Blankets

We wanted our Purple Lupine Blanket to bring out the inner bold wildflower in all of us. The bright vibrant purple featured on our blanket was pulled from the natural color pallet that can be found on lupines in nature. 

What are some things about Lupines that inspired us enough to add them to the ChappyWrap Blanket Collection?

We hope that our purple lupine blanket is used for time spent picnicking on warm summer evenings or beach outings on breezy fall days. 

Flower blanket by chappywrap lupine blanket and throw   lupine flower blanket by chappywrap blankets and throws behind the inspiration  beach flower blanket and throw by chappywrap purple lupine flower blanket

Everyone here at ChappyWrap has a passion for the great outdoors and the inspiration that we gather from the surrounding landscape. We hope that you fall in love with our purple flower blanket, featuring the spring perennial the purple lupine, set on a reversible jacquard woven pattern. It will brighten any room, bring a smile on your little one's face and bring warmth to the chilliest of days. 

For more information visit our product page Purple Lupine Flower Blanket or click on the photo below.

Purple lupine flower blanket by chappywrap