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Our Top 10 Winter Blankets and Throws - ChappyWrap Couch Throws and Bed Blankets

Posted on December 22, 2017 by McKenzi Clausen

ChappyWrap's Top 10 Winter Designs on our Blankets and Throws - Customer Favorites and New Additions

Wrapping up in your favorite winter blanket is one of the best parts after a chilly day outdoors. Our plush blankets offer comfortable warmth and refreshing breathability, making them the perfect blanket for any reason. 

Winter is the season of blankets. ChappyWrap has a wonderful passion for winter blankets, holiday blankets, cabin blankets, and everything else in between. 

Here are the Top 10 Winter Blankets by ChappyWrap - This includes some of our customer favorites and new additions!

1) Bear Hug Blanket - Our Oversized Polar Bear Blanket and Brown Bear Throw 


Our Polar Bear Blanket is our top winter blanket because of popularity due to its charming design that is completely reversible. All of our couch blankets and throws are reversible due to the jacquard weaving process and our polar bear blanket is our best example of that craftsmanship. The jacquard loom takes a complex pattern and uses a continuous sequence of our natural cotton fibers to make our blankets that are not only beautiful but completely reversible.   

Our Oversized Polar Bear and Brown Bear measures 60" x 80" and will wrap its large paws all the way around you - That's why we gave it the name Bear Hug Blanket and Throw! 

ChappyWrap top 10 Winter Blankets and Throws - Bear Hug Couch Blanket   ChappyWrap Best Winter Blanket Top 10 Winter Blankets - Polar Bear  ChappyWrap Top 10 Winter Blankets - Bear Hug Blanket   Chappywrap top ten winter blankets - polar bear bear hug couch blanket    ChappyWrap Top Ten Winter Blankets and Couch Blankets   Top 10 Winter Blankets and Throws - ChappyWrap Couch Blankets and Bed Toppers  Top ten winter blankets and throws by ChappyWrap Couch Blankets and Bed Blankets  

2) Snowflake Classic Fair Isle Blanket and Throw - Our Dark Blue Winter Snowflake Blanket 


Our Snowflake Classic Fair Isle Blanket combines the best of winter themed designs like the snowflake pattern and combines them with a traditional fair isle pattern for a winter blanket that will complement and enrich any decor.  Our blanket features a navy blue, white and red color pattern that everyone in the family loves. This blanket will make you feel like you're wrapped up in warmth and comfort after a long chilly day outdoors and the snowflakes embrace a winter theme.  

Our Snowflake Classic Fair Isle Blanket is a favorite of those with a love of the mountains and the snowy outdoors. 

Snowflake holiday blanket - top 10 winter blankets by chappywrap  Top Ten Winter Blankets and Throws by ChappyWrap - Snowflake Fair Isle Blanket   Snowflake Fair Isle Blanket and Throw - Top Ten Winter Blankets by ChappyWrap   Top 10 winter blankets by ChappyWrap - Navy Blue Snowflake Blanket   Top 10 Winter Blankets - Couch blankets and Bed Blankets by ChappyWrap  ChappyWrap top 10 winter blankets - Snowflake blanket navy blue and white

3) Harborview Herringbone Beige Blanket and Throw - Our Best Beige Blanket and Couch Throw Blanket 


Here at ChappyWrap we work with a lot of beautiful decor and how our blankets compliment your home and its style. Our Herringbone Beige Blanket fits in with every style and its subtle design and plush finish will bring warmth to any living area. It makes the perfect winter blanket as it will complement and not clash with your holiday decorations. The beige color and herringbone pattern tends to hide stains, so when the little ones spill on the blanket in between washes it isn't a cause of panic. 

Our Herringbone Beige Blanket is one of our most popular blankets overall, especially through the holidays as it makes the perfect gift for anyone in need of the perfect blanket. 

ChappyWrap Beige Blanket Best Winter Blankets   ChappyWrap Beige Blanket Top 10 winter blankets and couch blankets  chappywrap best top 10 winter blankets, throws, and wraps beige blanket  ChappyWrap best winter blanket and top 10 winter blanket throws - herringbone beige blanket  ChappyWrap best winter blanket and couch throw - top 10 winter blankets beige blanket  top 10 winter blankets and best winter blankets herringbone beige blanketbest winter blanket and top 10 winter blankets by chappywrap  chappywrap best winter blankets and couch blankets - top 10 winter blankets beige blankets  

4) Pines and Needles Blanket and Throw - Pinetree and Pinecone Green Blanket and Throw


Our Pines and Needles Blanket embraces the greenery of the forest and features a charming mix of pinecones and pine trees. This winter blanket has been specially designed for those with a love of the outdoors and it will complement any holiday decor and not look out of place once the holidays have passed. The dark green background and pine trees pair well with beige furniture and dark leather, making it a favorite in cabins and den areas. 

Our Pines and Needles Blanket makes the perfect gift for those who love decorating during the chilly winter months. 

Pines and needles best winter blanket design by chappywrap  Best Winter Blanket and Throw by ChappyWrap - winter blanket designs    Best winter blanket design - Tp ten winter blankets by chappywrap  

5) Winter Wonderland Blanket and Throw - Reindeer and Snowflake Holiday Blanket 


Everyone loves our Winter Wonderland Blanket, especially around the holidays and winter months. Our warm and plush blanket features dancing reindeer, beautiful snowflakes, and pine trees throughout a pattern of gray, off-white and red. This beautiful pattern is subtle enough to compliment any holiday decor. 

Our reindeer, snowflake and pine tree winter blanket is jacquard woven, making it completely reversible. All of our blankets and throws are machine washable and will never shed, pill, or fuzz.   

Best winter blanket designs - ChappyWrap top ten winter blankets  ChappyWrap best winter blanket designs - top 10 winter designs blankets   ChappyWrap best winter blanket designs - top ten winter blankets   ChappyWrap top 10 winter blanket best designs   chappywrap best winter blankets - top ten designs  ChappyWrap best winter blankets - top 10 designs

6) Buffalo Check Red Plaid Blanket and Throw - Red and Black Plaid Blanket 


Our red and black buffalo check blanket is quickly becoming a customer favorite. The rich red is complemented by black checks in a plaid pattern. This blanket is perfect for the holidays, as a bed topper in a boy's room, or as a throw in a cabin or den. The rich red color pairs well with dark leathers and neutral furniture. Our Buffalo Check Red Plaid Blanket can add a splash of color to any room during the chilly winter months.

winter blanket top ten by chappywrap designs red plaid   Red plaid winter blanket top 10 designs by chappywrap  top 10 winter blanket designs by chappywrap

7) Snowflakes Blanket and Throw - Light Blue Snowflake Winter Blanket 


Our Snowflakes Blanket features a white pattern paired with a pale blue. Both kids and adults love this blanket during the winter months because of its beautiful design and soft color. 

Whether warming up after a long day outdoors or curling up on a brisk winter morning, our winter snowflake blanket will keep you warm with its plush and soft finish.  

winter snowflake blanket - top 10 best winter blankets designs chappywrap  best winter blanket - top 10 winter blanket design snowflakes chappywrapsnowflake blanket - top 10 winter blankets designs by chappywrap    winter blanket and throw - best winter blanket design   best winter blankets - top 10 winter blanket design by chappywrap

 8) Highlander Classic Blanket and Throw - Blue and Green Plaid Winter Blanket


Our beautiful blue and green plaid blanket is perfect for the winter months as it will match and compliment your holiday decorations or winter decor. Plaid is one of the most traditional patterns and most interior designers love to incorporate it into home decor.

Our plaid winter blanket is perfect as a couch blanket and bed throw. Or anywhere in your home that needs a warm splash of color.

  Warm winter blanket - top 10 winter blanket designs by chappywrap best winter blanket designs by chappywrap top ten

9) Winter Wonderland Green and Red Blanket and Throw - Reindeer, Snowflakes and Pine Trees Winter Blanket 


Our Winter Wonderland Blanket in Green and Red is one of our best winter-themed blankets. The vibrant green color and rich red color stand out against an off-white background.   

Reindeer, snowflakes and pine trees all embody the spirit of the holidays and our blanket will compliment any decor. Wrap up in our reindeer blanket after a long day spent outdoors or during story time with your little ones. 

10) Northern Comfort Blanket and Throw - Bear and Moose Winter Blanket 


Our Northern Comfort Blanket embraces the great outdoors with designs of pine trees, moose and bears all set on a red and gold-tone background. The vibrant design matches most cabin or mountain home decor while also providing plush warmth and comfort.

Imagine wrapping up in your Northern Comfort Blanket after a long day spent skiing with friends or a day spent in the snow. 

  Best witner blanket - northern comfort winter blanket   top 10 winter blankets and throw by chappywrap

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