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Send Your Best Boy or Girl Back to School with a ChappyWrap

Posted on August 31, 2016 by Beth LaSala

Back to School Blankets from ChappyWrap

It’s that time again - the time for your little one to go back to school!  You have bought him or her top-notch school supplies but did you know that a back-to-school list isn’t complete without a ChappyWrap or two? That’s right - ChappyWraps have gained popularity with parents across the country and your child will appreciate these huggable blends of signature cotton blankets. In fact, it will be their new best friend. Nothing provides companionship and security like a favorite blanket.


What are ChappyWraps?

A ChappyWrap is more than a blanket. In essence, a ChappyWrap is a work of art that was born out of an effort to recreate a childhood blanket that holds your child’s best memories. With the help of her blanket designer friend Monica Shelton Reusch, Beth Haller was able to create a blanket that will knock your little one’s socks off. A product that can be a buddy when your child needs one.


Why Buy Your Child ChappyWraps?


They Are Warm and Cozy

Let your little one partake in the sublime warmth of these huggable cotton blends. With the flu and cold season upon us, ChappyWraps are the best blankets that will certainly keep your children cozy and warm. With added fluffiness from cotton, ChappyWraps take coziness and luxurious softness to a whole new and exciting level.

Animal Prints

Here’s the thing your students will appreciate about ChappyWraps: they feature many animal designs and who doesn’t love animals? Both boys and girls will cherish the animal designs that include elephants, dogs, moose, bears, sheep, and more. These prints will certainly be conversation starters at school.

Upbeat Colors and Patterns

Besides enjoyable animal prints, ChappyWrap blankets come in a variety of upbeat colors, styles, and patterns that will appeal to your children and your nieces and nephews who would love this as a gift from their favorite aunt or uncle! Ranging from bold colors to the stylish island inspiration of Martha’s Vineyard, there is certainly a ChappyWrap design for every child.

Well-Crafted Cotton

ChappyWraps are produced by expert craftsmen and designers using a signature cotton rich jacquard weave. The result is quite a sight. With 60% cotton for additional fluffiness, and a 7% polyester, and 33% acrylic blend, you can say goodbye to blanket pilling and shrinking. That is something Mom and Dad will love!

They Are Excellent for Sporting Events

With increased emphasis on staying active, many schools have made sporting events a priority. ChappyWraps will come to the rescue during chilly times on the bleachers. From hockey to baseball and many sports in between, there is a ChappyWrap blanket to fit every sporting event! Allow your child to be warm and cozy as they cheer on their favorite teams.

ChappyWraps are the best blankets and an excellent addition to any back-to-school list. With many colors, and designs available, your child will probably want more than just one!

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