Gift Giving in July and Summertime Gifts - ChappyWrap Blankets and Throws during the warmer months

by McKenzi Clausen

Gift Giving in July and Summertime Gifts - ChappyWrap Blankets and Throws during the warmer months

ChappyWrap Blankets and Throws - Wrap yourself in the moment 

Have you ever struggled with finding the perfect gift for your friend or family member? 

You want to get not only something that they'll love but something that they'll actually use. ChappyWraps are the perfect gift - Our blankets last a lifetime, never pill or fuzz and are gifts that your friends or loved ones will actually use time and again! 

Our blankets and throws make the perfect gift if you're looking for a housewarming, birthday, wedding, holiday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or even a thank you or anniversary gift. It's the present that will be truly appreciated and cherished. 

Chappywrap blankets and throws summertime gifts - oversized Martha's vineyard chappywrap blanket   chappywrap lobster blanket and throw summertime gift   chappywrap american flag blanket summer time gift 4th of july gift

Here’s why ChappyWraps make the perfect gifts:

  • they provide constant comfort
  • they are treasured keepsakes that last a lifetime
  • everyone loves ChappyWraps
  • they deliver delight and joy with bright and cheerful designs
  • they are available in special themes that represent individual interests & passions
  • no problem getting the right size
  • one-stop shopping for everyone on your gift list - males, females, young, and old!
  • extra long (80” x 60”) to use as a couch throw or a bed blanket
  • they will think of you and thank you for years to come!

ChappyWrap Baseball Blanket - Summertime gifts by ChappyWrap oversized blankets and throws  Chappywrap gifts blanket and throws - chappywrap bright sail on blanket and oversized throw   summertime gifts by chappywrap oversized blanket and throws beach blanket and more

Even in the warm summer months, there can still be a cool breeze on the water during the evening. A ChappyWrap makes a wonderful beach blanket and you can throw it right in your wash when you're back from your day at the water. Since it's completely machine washable and dryable you will always appreciate the easy care. 

ChappyWrap reversible blankets are woven with exceptional quality and fibers. The signature cotton blend (nothing feels better than COTTON next to your skin) and distinctive nap deliver a smooth soft texture, refreshing breathability and superior warmth. Produced using the finest materials, ChappyWraps will never pill, fuzz, shrink or fade no matter how many times they are washed. Jacquard looms weave beautiful, intricate patterns of color. The designs are not printed or dyed like ordinary blankets.

Wrap your loved ones and yourself in these extraordinary blankets that not only take away the chill but offer a whole new experience of comfort and relaxation.

No matter what occasion you are celebrating, wrap yourself or your loved ones in the moment with a warm hug of love, comfort, and joy. Gift them a blanket that will change their life.

Searching for the perfect gift? We’ve got you covered.

Wrap yourself and all your favorite people in the moment!

ChappyWraps make life’s perfect moments even better!


McKenzi Clausen
McKenzi Clausen



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