The Perfect Anniversary Present | ChappyWrap Blankets

by Beth LaSala

Looking for an Anniversary Present? - Get Your Spouse a ChappyWrap


Love is in the air! And, nothing says “I love you” or “I am cozy with you” better than a comfortable and stylish ChappyWrap blanket. It simply is the best anniversary present for the love of your life. ChappyWrap blankets have become more and more popular among lovers!

Let’s be honest; garnering a nice present that your partner will love hasn’t always been a walk in the park. You want to be certain that he or she will absolutely love your gift. Will she love a new piece of jewelry? Will he find a watch appealing?  Eliminate the concern about finding the right anniversary present. With ChappyWrap blankets you can take the big day to a whole new and exciting level. ChappyWrap blankets are practical, timeless, and have universal appeal.


 Chappywraps make for the best Anniversary Present?


45 (and More to Come) Designs



As of this writing, ChappyWrap blankets come in 45 distinct designs that will delight your lover. These include upbeat colors, patterns, and a plethora of other classic and modern designs. With such an extensive collection, you will certainly find one that will be the most perfect gift for your life partner. If you value online reviews, ChappyWraps are indeed turning heads among couples. Surprise your lover with a comfortable, cozy ChappyWrap blanket today.


Unforgettable Picnic Blanket


ChappyWraps blankets will certainly take your picnic to a whole other level. One snuggle in a ChappyWrap and you’ll be totally hooked for hours next to your better half. There are specific ChappyWraps that are just so perfect for romantic settings under the stars, or any outdoor date that may include an intimate setting. There is no doubt that you will attach yourself to one of the awesome themed blankets to take with you everywhere. Spruce up your relationship or marriage and charm your partner with a ChappyWrap, simply because you deserve the best blanket available.


Animal Print Blankets


Who doesn’t love cute animals? It’s not all about kittens and puppies, there are a variety of adorable animals and ChappyWrap blankets has some of the best animal print designs. If your partner loves animals, then ChappyWrap is truly a slice of heaven for an anniversary gift. You can find these huggable blends of cotton with designs of dogs, elephants, moose, bears, and more. Fantastic!


Best Fabric/Material for a Blanket

ChappyWraps are produced using only the finest materials. Talented and skillful designers chose to use a signature cotton rich jacquard weave that has taken the industry by storm. With 60% cotton for additional fluffiness, and a 7% polyester, and 33% acrylic blend, you can say goodbye to blankets that pill or shrink.

 "Can I just say that I have a few of your blankets, and they are by far the best blankets to snuggle up in. I LOVE them. Great product with fun designs." - Stacy 

Wrap-Around Blanket

ChappyWrap designs are upbeat and fun with vibrant colors and patterns, setting the perfect tone for an anniversary present. From sports themes and nautical patterns to animal prints and outdoor themes, there is a perfect ChappyWrap to celebrate the fun in your love. Your partner will treasure it for a lifetime.  You can never go wrong with a ChappyWrap!


Happy Anniversary!

Beth LaSala
Beth LaSala