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Washing Your ChappyWrap Blanket and Throw - Care for your Couch Throws and Bed Toppers

January 12, 2018

Washing Your ChappyWrap Blanket and Throw - Care for your Couch Throws and Bed Toppers

How to Wash and Dry Your Premium Made ChappyWrap Blanket and Couch Throw 

Washing Premium Blankets - Washing Your Chappywrap Blankets

One of the best parts of ChappyWrap Blankets is that they are completely machine washable and dryable. You have been using your ChappyWrap blanket for a while now and it might need to be washed at some point in the future. It is tempting to throw your favorite blanket in with the rest of the laundry but to ensure that it serves you a long time and keeps the soft plush feel, consider cleaning your blanket by using this article as a guide. The recommended style of washing a premium blanket like ChappyWraps is the gentle cycle. 

Whether you use your ChappyWrap blanket as a warm bed blanket, a cozy couch throw or as a companion for your outdoor adventures, proper care is important to make sure your ChappyWrap Blanket lasts a lifetime. Like us, you probably use your ChappyWrap blanket and throw for everything. While you cozy up on the couch with a snack and a warm cup of tea or while wrapped up during an outdoor activity trying to keep the cold away.


A popular myth that surrounds washing of blankets is that the more you wash them the duller they become. Well, that might be true for some brands of blankets but not the premium blankets you buy from ChappyWrap.

Here are a few tips to ensure an optimal and clean result when washing your blankets using methods that will help your luxury blanket last a lifetime!

Bed Blanket and Couch Throw - ChappyWrap Oversized Blankets and Throws    ChappyWrap Oversized Couch Blanket and Sofa Throw  

Cleaning Your Throw or Blanket in a Washing Machine

Just like you would do when cleaning any other delicate fabric, you need to select the gentle cycle when washing your ChappyWrap blankets. You will also need to set the machine to tumble dry meaning that the fabric will be dried without heat. This is important because premium ChappyWrap blankets are made from a blend of cotton and other fill fibers.

If the fill fibers are exposed to heat, they could be stretched, leading to distortion of the weaving pattern. By using cold water to wash a blend of fibers, you are exposing them to a uniform environment that will not alter the physical nature of the fibers. This is the secret to keeping your Premium blankets looking like new regardless of how many times you wash them.

ChappyWrap Couch Blankets and Sofa Throws - Premium oversized throws and blankets  Couch and sofa throw by ChappyWrap - Wrap yourself in a moment

Professional Dry Cleaning for your Blanket

Most professional dry cleaners are experienced enough to identify the nature of fibers or blends just by looking and feeling the fabric. While you can breathe easy knowing that your ChappyWrap blanket is in safe hands, it is important to ensure that the professional service you pick has experience with similar fabrics. Keep in mind that it is generally safer to wash your ChappyWrap blanket yourself, you just have to make sure you follow the instructions in this article to guarantee the best results.

Blanket Care Precautions

 ChappyWrap blankets are delicate fabrics and should be treated with utmost care to keep them looking bright for a long time. So as to allow for space during cleaning, wash them separately and include as much water as possible in the wash cycle. Mild soap or detergent should be used over harsh cleaning agents to preserve that integrity of the fibers. There is no need to bleach the ChappyWrap premium blankets since they are easy to clean and dirt does not stick to them easily. Bleach also weakens the fibers and harms the colors. It may be hard to believe it, but some of our customers tell us their ChappyWraps get even better when the are washed according to the washing instructions!



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