Wrapping Up Summer with Three Blanket Sizes

by Beth LaSala

No one wants to leave summer behind....or the comforts of home.

For those headed back to school, or off to their first dorm room, don't forget a cozy ChappyWrap! All the comforts of home and summer wrapped into one beautiful and uniquely soft blanket. See All 49 Designs Here.

Inspired by New England, the outdoors and family, ChappyWraps were created to provide feelings of comfort and to last a lifetime. Guaranteed to soften the post-summer blues, home-sickness, and the demands of everyday life.

ChappyWrap's unique feel comes from a signature jacquard weave of the finest and softest cotton blend. The numerous reversible designs will fit any style, decor or personality.

New blanket designs are introduced twice a year, but all you need is one to know it's your blanket for life! Pack one for school and keep one at home.


CLASSIC SIZE60" x 80" ($128.00) to use as a generous throw blanket or a twin/queen bed blanket. You'll want to take your ChappyWrap with you everywhere you go.... snuggle on the couch, in bed, to the beach, to a campout, on a boat, at the ballpark...everywhere! 49 Classic Size Designs are In Stock.

sailboat blanket


MIDI SIZE- 40" x 60" ($80.00) the ideal wrap around for any time. Perfect for your home, for a chilly evening on the porch, in your car, for your office, on a boat and for airplane travel. It's always too cold in airplanes and their blankets just don't do the trick...The Midi Size is currently available in a Black Watch Plaid design.


blackwatch plaid blanket


MINI SIZE30" x 40" ($50.00) for the smaller members of the family.  Ideal for strollers, carseats, play time and rest time for your children and your pets. So soft and comfy that all your little people and critters will be soothed off to dreamland. The Mini Size is currently available in the Counting Sheep design and the Bow Wow design.

mini sheep blanket

dog blanket


Beth LaSala
Beth LaSala