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ChappyWrap and
Boston Children's Hospital

This year, we were inspired by a patient from Boston Children's Hospital to design an exclusive line of children's blankets that will help kids at the hospital get lifesaving care.

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Why Boston Children's?

A letter from our President, Christina Livada

This is a project near and dear to my heart.


My life before Chappy was in speech-language pathology, and I specialized in working with kids with complex physical, medical and communication needs, many of whom were followed at Boston Children’s their whole lives. I also completed various internships there throughout college and graduate school. The hospital means a lot to me, and is a place we’ve always wanted to benefit through our work with ChappyWrap.


When the Boston Children's team invited ChappyWrap to collaborate, we jumped at the chance! They're known for offering companies fun ways to support kids at the hospital, and it's an honor to be a part of their program.


ChappyWrap asked a very special Boston Children's patient and their family to help us create an exclusive, limited edition collection of blankets to benefit the hospital. We were thrilled to be matched with Hanna, who is an absolutely amazing little girl! We brainstormed with Hanna and her siblings, Freya and Asa, to come up with a collection that was aligned with their interests (outer space and the sea) and also a nod to the hospital (blue as a nod to the hospital’s colors, and of course, whimsical and fun to spark joy in kids in families!).


We hope you love this meaningful collection as much as we do. Thank you for helping us support kids and families at Boston Children's Hospital this holiday season!


- Christina


"We are so grateful to ChappyWrap for their very cozy donation! Through this special Boston Children’s blanket collection benefiting the Every Child Fund, they will make an impact on so many more children from around the world that come here for care.”




Meet Our Patient Designer: Hanna

Hanna’s mom sensed that something was different about her baby and kept asking why she was so floppy.


Doctors in Maine couldn’t get to the bottom of it, but saw that Hanna had hip dysplasia, muscle weakness and extreme joint flexibility. Physical therapy wasn't helping. At 4 years old, she was falling down constantly, couldn’t hold her body upright for normal lengths of time and tired quickly.


Determined to find answers, her mom brought Hanna to Boston Children’s. Genome sequencing revealed that while she doesn’t have a known inherited muscular disease, Hanna does have a gene mutation that might cause it.


Now 8, Hanna sees specialists in genetics and neuromuscular and joined a laboratory research study to explore further. She's a bright student, very creative and is growing stronger as she continues to work with occupational and physical therapists.

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30% of funds raised through this program which is conducted by a commercial co-venturer, will be used to support Boston Children’s Hospital, located at 300 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA 02115, (617) 355-6000