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ChappyWrap Couch Throws and Bed Blankets - Boat blankets, Cabin Throws and more


"Can I just say that I have a few of your blankets, and they are by far the best blankets to snuggle up in. I LOVE them. Great product with fun designs." - Stacy 

"AWESOME blankets!!! I wish I had discovered them earlier...now want to replace everything for a ChappyWrap! Like the commercial -one is never enough!" - Veronica Corriher   

"I'm such a crazy fan. I now have 8 of them and will continue to buy more. Actually 9, I used one to make a blanket for my daughter's horse!"  - Kristie Callahan Gill 

"The softest blankets ever!" - Linda West

"We just flew back form Honolulu and the Pearl Harbor Survivor's Convention with my Dad. The plane was freezing, and they do not have blankets in coach. Any chance of making a Chappy airplane size? I wish I had one." - Carol DeVos 

"Out at a formal dinner last night and wishing that ChappyWrap made a Pashmina! Took a long Mother's Day nap under one of mine today, though!" - M A. Tarver Gallerani 

"It will be hard to wait until Christmas to give my kids their very own Chappy! I've given Chappys as gifts and finally bought the Bear Hug and Shells for my family and I just know they will be snuggled with for years to come. Thank you, thank you!" - Rachel Hansen 

"LOVE these blankets." - Bibsy ODonoghue 

"We snuggle up with our crab ChappyWrap every night! It is the perfect size to use with both of us!" - The Joyce Twins

"Everyone needs a ChappyWrap :)" - Stori Cadigan 

"My granddaughters love their Bear Hug blankets! Thanks for getting them to me so quickly!" - Mary Ellen Murray 

"Our 19 year old Simba just passed away. He spent his last few days wrapped up with me in the angel blanket. It was the only blanket that he would let me use with him. There is something special in the content of the blanket that comforted him. Thanks for easing my last times with him." - Carol Devos

"I have taken my ChappyWrap to little league every night this Spring. Everyone wants one!" - M. A. Tarver Gallerani  

"Big fan of the ChappyWraps! Good looking, goes anywhere (beach, car, bed) washes up well, and totally cozy. Great for any date (seriously we have two and love them)." - Carolyn Weatherhead Carney

"You will become addicted to these blankets....my kids especially love them!" - Trish Allen Kozub 

"Hi Beth and Monica, I just LOVE my new chappywrap. I bought the "Sail On" blanket because I knew as soon as I felt your wonderful blankets that I had to have one. The "Sail On" style reminded me of visiting my grandparent's cottage when I was a little girl. I have to say that your blanket is the softest and most "breathable" blanket I have ever had. I have owned polyester blankets, fleece (ugh, they pill and make me feel scratchy!), and wool/cotton combos. I just love the size of the blanket and the luxurious warmth of it. It has become my "go to" when I need to cuddle and relax. Here in Rochester it is gray and cold most of the year. Right now it is sunny and warm and I'm still enjoying my Chappywrap. I have been wrapping it around me while sitting outside at night when it gets cooler and its warmth allows me to enjoy our short summer evenings comfortably. The other day was very hot but I was sitting inside with the air conditioning on and a fan blowing just so I could wrap up in my chappywrap blanket. Crazy but true... Love the new designs and will be buying another one (can't decide between Hydrangeas and the Flower pattern) very soon. Thank you for creating such wonderful blankets. Here's to social cocooning!" - Darcy Spinello

"Just received tennis chappy I love it. Also bought 6 others for graduation presents. Tennis colors are beautiful well done." - Maureen

"I wanted to let you know that I purchased the Chappy Wrap with the angels on it for my god daughter’s communion gift and she absolutely loves it!  It is so soft and cozy she is falling asleep easier at night!  What a great product you are selling.  Take care." - Caroline Barrett

"Thanks for always making my gifts the best. I gave a chappy to a handful of my family, and they tell me that their chappy is their favorite. I always reply, I know, it's mine too. Thanks for the terrific blankets." - Keryn

"The ONLY thing I wanted for Christmas last year was a Chappy Wrap.I woke up Christmas morning and the only gift that I received was the only gift I truly wanted.... the Chappy Wrap with the Lobsters on it!... I LOVE my Chappy Wrap! Every blanket I have ever received as a mom... my kiddos steal...THIS time I told them NO WAY!!!!! Funny thing... I gave them each a Chappy Wrap for Christmas too!!My husband is getting one this year... he keeps taking mine! NO MORE!!! SO.. come Christmas 2010... EVERYONE in the family will have one!" - Kim Sandefur,
Macon, GA

"My husband bought me one of your wonderful wraps for Christmas....I truly love it!! I suffered a heart attack this summer and the medications keep me \"cold\". This blanket is a godsend....I cuddle up on the couch with it watching tv or reading. If its a really chilly nite....it goes to bed with me! Its sooo soft and warm..... I'm snug as a bug in a rug! Many thanks for a great quality product!" - Kim B.

"I just love my fabulous Bow Wow ChappyWrap!  And my best friend, Latte the Poodle, loves it, too!  When the temperature goes below ten degrees, I sleep under it; otherwise, I use it as my pillow.  I especially like the spice ground with brown dogs side as it best complements my rich, auburn coloring and hazel eyes." - Juno, the Newfoundland

"A Big Thank You for introducing us all to the lovely ChappyWrap friendly blanket.  Mine has certainly become an important part of my life and my two whippets say LOTS of thanks too!" -Thalia, Dorset England

"I purchased ChappyWraps for my two children and one for myself-now my husband is feeling left out.  He thought I looked so warm and cozy last night all wrapped up in my ChappyWrap and he said he would like one too! ...Your blankets are VERY popular in my family!!"- Diane

"Cody and Hayden are Golden Retriever Rescue Dogs from Florida and they love love love love your blanket!  It's the only chair in the house that they sit in and thankfully I attribute that to the softness of your beautiful blanket.  I have washed it every week for the last 30 and it is as beautiful as the day we bought it - oops the day "Santa" brought in for the boys.  One night last winter, my husband was on the couch in the same room as "their" chair and was chilly - so he grabbed the blanket.   He fell asleep, woke up and found both dogs on the couch with him - I guess they thought it was free game since it was their blanket!" - Linda

"I can't break away from my ChappyWrap, it's so soft and warm!" - Kevi

"The blankets are wonderful. Warm. Soft. The kids love them! They've been walking around wrapped up in them since they arrived." - John

"Weary and tired, I dragged my poor old bones home in the bitter New York cold to a package at my door.  I promptly wrapped myself up in the XOXO blanket and felt instant warmth and love." -Karen H.

"I've really been enjoying my ChappyWrap...feels like I have a bunch of kittens on my lap every night!" - Valerie

"I brought my ChappyWrap to the hospital with me when I had surgery.  It gave me such comfort and warmth, plus it really brightened my surroundings.  Thank you for such a wonderful product!" -Elizabeth

"I love my musical notes wrap! It's the perfect size to wrap all the way around me, and the perfect weight - not too heavy & not too light.I also love the fact that it''s not a magnet for fuzz. Good job!" - Camille

"Just a short note to say thank you very much for the terrific blanket!  I literally fall asleep with it in my favorite chair reading The Wall Street Journal! (The kids want it,... but tough, it's mine!)" -John

"I love my new ChappyWrap. It keeps me cozy and classy at the same time." - Gail

"Thanks so much for your thoughtful gift. It is SO soft and cuddly!! I can't wait til I have a music lesson studio in my own home some day and I can put it over the couch or something :) Until then I'll just have to use it in our living room." - Sharon