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Ever wondered how we manage to make a ChappyWrap so soft, yet durable? Get an inside look at how our blankets are made! Ever wondered how we manage to make a ChappyWrap so soft, yet durable? Get an inside look at how our blankets are made!

It starts with the fabric.

When it comes to comfort against the skin, all-natural cotton ranks highest in popularity amongst all fibers. Our cotton blend blankets feel plush and soft—they’re incredibly warm, without a lot of weight.

ChappyWraps are made from a blend of 58% premium cotton fibers, 35% acrylic, and 7% polyester. Our unique blend allows for repeated washing and ensures our blankets are resistant to shrinking, pilling, and static.

Next comes the weave.

Our designs are woven, not printed or dyed. To make our fabric, individual yarns are twisted and fed into our Jacquard looms so that the cotton is next to your skin, with the fill fiber spun inside the cotton yarns, for durability and to prevent yarn breakage. This unique weave is why your ChappyWrap can last a lifetime, and always look as great as the first day you snuggled under it.

Hand-finished softness.

To finish the fabric, Chappies undergo a process called napping, which lifts the fibers from the top of the pattern and passes the woven fabric over a roller with metal points or burrs. This finishing process is what distinguishes ChappyWrap blankets from other Jacquard woven blankets. We double down by repeating this step anywhere from 8 to 16 times, making our napped ChappyWraps even softer and fuller.

Depending on the colors and patterns in your Chappy, our product team sees a variety of yarn raising behaviors. After each blanket is woven into the final fabric and pattern, a production team member at our mill personally feels each finished roll of fabric, then decides how much the fibers should be fluffed based on how those yarns respond to the process. This is why some Chappies may feel very fluffy and plush, while others have a soft, smooth finish—it's all in each blanket’s unique design and coloring!

The finishing touches.

The outer binding featured on every single Chappy is stitched and sewn by hand at sewing machines. Then, the edges of the binding are manually trimmed to finish each piece. Each year, our mill team stitches hundreds of miles of binding to our Chappies!

Craftsmanship to last a lifetime.

The finishing of a Chappy requires a high level of skill and training. Our mill team's expertise and hand-finished work are vital to the quality, softness, and durability of a ChappyWrap. As longtime customers know, each style of Chappy may have a slightly different feel and fluff—and now you know why! But no matter how each blanket is finished, our commitment to a cozy, warm, lightweight blanket stays the same.

What makes a ChappyWrap different.

Because our blankets are hand-finished, different styles may have a different finish based on how many times the blanket was "napped." Napping refers to the lifting of fibers from the top of the pattern with metal points or burrs. This is what creates the plush softness.

Some patterns are napped more or less based on the colors used in the weave, or even the complexity of the pattern itself. ChappyWrap fabric may be napped anywhere from 8 to 16 times.

There’s also an element of personal preference—the individual who finishes our blankets fabric in the mill may opt to lift the fibers more or less on any given style, accounting for slight variations in the final fluff. We also find that the initial handfeel may change slightly after washing, though your ChappyWrap should be resistant to pilling or fuzzing.

Regardless, each ChappyWrap has the same lightweight-yet-warm and comfy cozy feeling when in use.

While it can vary from blanket to blanket and even batch to batch, we find that high contrasting patterns have a slightly less fluffy finish. However, all blankets will have the same feel in terms of weight and warmth.

ChappyWraps are milled in Germany and Poland, at two highly respected factories. Our cotton is primarily sourced from Spain and Turkey, with other elements of our blankets (thread, weave materials, tags) sourced from Germany.

Yes! This is called “grin through.” Because our blankets are woven on a Jacquard loom, there can be some variability in how much the different-colored threads grin through the design, especially with high-contrast styles.

We’re proud to call our blankets heirloom-worthy. This means putting them under strict quality testing to ensure they’re durable enough for a lifetime of adventures—even going so far as to wash and dry sampled blankets in our team members’ homes to ensure the customer experience meets our high standards. Our goal is a blanket that remains shrink, pill and fuzz resistant throughout its time in your home.

It's important to know that a ChappyWrap’s unique fabric blend is comprised primarily of cotton, a natural fiber. Given the typical behavior of natural cotton fibers, some blankets have the potential to change in length by as much as 8% after the first wash. This is rare, and we always strive for the most limited shrinkage possible in all of our products.

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