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The Basketweave Khaki Blanket

Regular price $195
Color: Khaki

Extra large and fit for a king bed.

A textile favorite, the basketweave’s homespun feel takes a sophisticated turn. A simply chic statement, this pattern is the perfect backdrop season after season.

  • 90″ x 90″ — See our size guide

  • Machine wash and dry

  • Resistant to shrinking, pilling, and fuzz

  • Reversible, Jacquard-woven design

  •  58% cotton 35% acrylic 7% polyester

  • Yarn colors: Khaki, Ivory

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Wash cold on gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat.

The Family Size

The Family Size The Family Size

Basketweave Khaki IRL.

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A blanket made to pass down for generations.

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